Recent Projects

Mayfly Language and Runtime

mayfly program

Mayfly is a language and runtime for timely execution of sensing tasks on tiny, intermittently-powered, energy harvesting sensing devices. Mayfly is a coordination language and runtime built on top of Embedded-C that combines intermittent execution fragments to form coherent sensing schedules: maintaining forward progress, data consistency, data freshness, and data utility across multiple power failures. Mayfly makes the passing of time explicit, binding data to the time it was gathered, and keeping track of data and time through power failures.

Flicker Batteryless Hardware

image description

Flicker is a a platform for quickly prototyping batteryless embedded, energy harvesting sensors. Flicker is an extensible, modular, “plug and play” architecture that supports RFID, solar, and kinetic energy harvesting; passive and active wireless communication; and a wide range of sensors through common peripheral and harvester interconnects.

Amulet Project

amulet hardware

The Amulet Project envisions computational jewelry, in the form of a bracelet or pendant, that provide the properties essential for successful body-area mHealth networks. These devices coordinate the activity of the body-area network and provide a discreet means for communicating with their wearer. Such devices complement the capabilities of a smartphone, bridging the gap between the type of pervasive computing possible with a mobile phone and that enabled by wearable computing. Find more information on the Amulet Project Website

Ekho Emulator

image description

Ekho is an emulator capable of recording energy harvesting conditions and accurately recreating those conditions in the lab. This makes it possible to conduct realistic and repeatable experiments involving energy harvesting, intermittently powered devices. Ekho is a general-purpose, mobile tool that supports a wide range of harvesting technologies.

Archived Software Projects

Esoteric Languages Playground

image description

Simple Brainf*ck, Ook!, Deadfish, and Befunge-93 interpreters written in JavaScript, with a scratch pad and terminal emulator to play around with them.

beSocratic Learning Systems

image description

beSocratic is an online assessment system focused on providing students with proper feedback and teachers with meaningful analysis. I authored the iPad and mobile web student facing viewer application.

Python Online

Simple python interpreter written in JavaScript using Jison as a parser generator and lexer. Bastardized, poorly written, barely functional with all the useful features of the language stripped out. Purely an academic exercise.

Physical Simulation Demos

image description

This project contains a progression of physical simulations using OpenGL, GLSL, and WebGL. Currently holds a bouning ball simulation in WebGL, and GPU based implementations of particles, flocking, and deformable bodies.

CC1101 / CC2500 Library for MSP430

Simple, one header library that interfaces over SPI with the CC110X chips (and probably the CC2500). These are common, cheap, and good low frequency RF transcievers you can find around the internet. This library is meant as a small footprint replacement for MRFI and BSP. This library works great with the CC1101 PCB described below.

Archived Hardware Projects

Ekho Analog-Front-End

image description

Analog-front-end for Ekho, this does the IV measurements, and interfaces with the MCU and synthetic load, or test device to record or emulate IV-surfaces.

CC1101 433MHz Transceiver Rev. B

Tuned to 433MHz, very small, RF transceiver using TI’s standard CC1101 module, and a chip antenna. Parts needed are listed in the schematic.

UMich Moo EAGLE Port

image description

The UMich Moo is a passive Computational RFID platform that harvests RFID reader energy from the UHF band, communicates with an RFID reader, and processes data from its onboard temperature sensor and accelerometer. I maintain the EAGLE port of the design files.

Structural Health Monitoring

SHM Breakout

Used to monitor the structural health of older buildings by breaking out a high accuracy, low noise, precision accelerometer from Silicon Designs. Sits in a low noise package with very low shutdown current. Soon to be deployed on Fort Sumter.

Ekho Mobile 2L Rev. B

image description

Mobile version of Ekho as a Teensy daughter board. Programmable duty cycle, can last for weeks gathering IV-surfaces.